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everything you need to know before arriving in spectacular Jaco Costa Rica

what is this must-see spot in Jaco?

Hotel & Casino Cocal. You will find lots of nightlife at the Hotel Cocal. This is a great place to pick up local talent for the pool party. Located in the middle of town next to Vista Mar. Centrally located in Jacó Costa Rica, the Hotel Cocal and Casino property touches the beach sand directly in front of one of Jacó's premier surf breaks. All the bachelor parties must stop here.

Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

High season in Jaco starts in December. There is no rain for the next six months, hot and sunny every day, 80 degrees + . That being said low season it nice and a bit cooler. Everything is very green because it rains in the afternoon when the clouds crash into the mountains.

Where should I Stay? A condo or maybe it would be best to rent a Villa?

We have party friendly condos and villas in the Jaco area. Including properties in the Los Suenos Resort and Marina. Wake up in the morning and ride down the hill to the marina in 2 minutes to your fishing charter.

Bachelor party tips you should know


Are all the girls, "Working girls"?

No there are plenty of normal women in Jaco Beach. Jaco just has some of the most beautiful women in the country and they like to show it.


How much money do these women make?

Some are just there to have a good time. Some are there for the drinks. Others are getting rich quick, basically $100 an hour will keep everyone more than happy.


How many girls should we bring back to the party?

Always bring a couple extra incase someone can't handle their drinks or is unpleasant for any reason. 🙂 You can always go back for more.


Is it safe to let guests stay the night?

Sure but you still need to use some common sense and lock up any valuables.


How long does the party last?

The party does not stop till you say it's time for everyone to go.

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